First International Biology and Chemistry Symposium Between Dokuz Eylül University and Ganja State University


The symposium will be held online via Zoom.


Fill the form below until 10.07.2023 for participation (Speaker quota has been filled).


Symposium Schedule:

(GMT +3)


Opening Speeches


Aylin Alın

Dean, Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Science

Opening Speeches


Alverdiyev İsfəndiyar Cavid Oğlu

Dean, Ganja State University Faculty of Chemistry-Biology


Fatma Duygu Özel Demiralp

Vice Rector, Dokuz Eylül University


Pervin Kerimzade

Vice Rector, Ganja State University



Ergin Şahin

First Biology Session


Lala Abdullayeva

Study of the Influence of Some Environmental Factors on Mulberry Silkworm


Vagif Novruzov, Kerem Canlı, Ergin Shahin, Zilxumar Ismailova

Biological Diversity of Vegetation and Ecology in the Shyr – Shyr Waterfall Area of Gadabay (Azerbaijan)


Ainur Akif Bayramova

Bioecological Characteristics of Fern Species of Asplenium Septentrionale (L.) Hoffm Which Has Been Found on the High Mountain Slopes of Gadabey District


Elif Yıldırım Caynak, Mehmet Koçak, Kamil Candan, Yusuf Kumlutaş, Çetin Ilgaz

Skeletal Osteology and Skull Variation of Three Blanus Species (Squamata: Amphisbaenia) in Turkey


Humbatova Gulebatin Vagif

The Scientific Importance of Dividing the Bozach Sheep Breed into Intragenous Types


Lunch Break



Kamil Candan

Second Biology Session


Huseynova Elnara Jabrail

Study of the Effect of Nutrition on Longevity Level in Herentological Age Groups


Kamil Candan, Elif Yıldırım Caynak, Yusuf Kumlutaş, Ahmet Buluç, Çetin Ilgaz

Age Structure and Growth Pattern in a Population of Mediodactylus Heterocercus (Blanford, 1874) (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Şanlıurfa Province, Türkiye


Mammadova V.F., Aslanova Y.A., Adığözelova S.Y.

The Ecological Situation of the Ganga River and Its Branches


Yucel Angin, Pelin Balcik-Ercin

Determination of Interactions Between Ulvan Polysaccharide and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor by Protein Docking Method


Zarifa Sabuhi, Seyidov Allahverdi Kamil

Bacteriosis of Chekil Varieties in Azerbaijan Disease and Preventive Fight Against It Preparation of Events


Rustamova Tukezban Vagif gizi

The Dynamics of Eeg Waves Changes Due to the Emotional Stress of the Exam Process in The Parietal and Occipital Lobes Of 21-Year-Old Young People





Derya Topkaya Taşkıran

Chemistry Session


Nabiyev E.R., Orujlu E.N., Alverdiyev I.J., Yusibov Y.A., Babanly M.B.

New Tetradymite-Type Layered Phases in the GeTe-SnTe-Bi2Te3 System


Kadriye Ertekin, Sibel Oguzlar, Beyza Yildirim, Ozgur Yasin Keskin, Ramazan Dalmis, Isil Birlik, Funda Ak Azem

Manipulation of Brightness and Decay Kinetics of LuAG: Ce3+ and YAG: Ce3+ by Simple Metal Oxides in Polymeric Matrices


Kasamanli Khayala Hamlet

Study of the Effect of Different Types of Imidazolines Obtained on the Basis of Natural Petroleum Acids on the Antistatic Properties of Diesel Fuel


Özlem Öter

Optical Chemical Sensor Studies: Some Examples of Different Designs and Applications


Huseynova P.F.

Crown Ethers in the Separation Process of Optical Isomers


Catalina Natalia Yılmaz

Polymers-by-Design for Safer Bio/Materials


Aliyev F.Y., Azizova S.M., Babayev E.R., Mammadova P.Sh., Eyvazova I.M.

Biophytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Oil and Heavy Metals

Closing Session

Symposium Photo (Online)


Honorary Chairs

  • Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar Rector of Dokuz Eylül University
  • Prof. Dr. Yusif Yusibov Rector of Ganja State University


  • Prof. Dr. Aylin Alın Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Science Dean
  • Prof. Dr. Alverdiyev İsfəndiyar Cavid Oğlu Ganja State University Faculty of Chemistry-Biology Dean

Organizing Commitee

  • Prof. Dr. Sevda Ahmedova (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Vefa Memmedova (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Aynur Bayramova (Ganja State University))
  • Prof. Dr. İsfandiyar Alverdiyev (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yavuz Ergün (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. Çetin Ilgaz (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. Kerem Canlı (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mirze Hesenov (Ganja State University)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aylin Altınışık Tağaç (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif Yıldırım Caynak (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Res. Asst. Ezgi Alaca (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Res. Asst. İbrahim Kırkız (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Res. Asst. Ozan Ali Dündar (Dokuz Eylül University)


Scientific Board

  • Prof. Dr. Yusif Yusibov (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Mehemmed Babanlı (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Fuad Aliyev (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Vaqif Novruzov (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. İsfandiyar Alverdiyev (Ganja State University)
  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yavuz Ergün (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. Çetin Ilgaz (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. M. Kadir Yurdakoç (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. İsa Gökler (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kumlutaş (Dokuz Eylül University)


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