Faculty Seminars – 5

Faculty Seminars – 5 (08.11.2019 Friday)

15:00–17:30: Prof. Dr. Şeyda Seren İntepeler – Time Management

Absract: The time management seminar aims at planning participants’ activities and responsibilities according to their wishes in business and private life, as well as giving tips on ways of creating habits to reach the target in certain time periods while planning. The presentation includes the meaning of time, time traps, time management, time management stages, and time management skills.

In the seminar, time management barriers in personal and working life were determined with interactive methods and participants were provided to set their own time matrix and set priorities. In the time traps, frequently misunderstood thinking, disorganized work environment, TV and mobile device addiction, workaholic, hastiness, phone calls, lack of delegation, forgetfulness and meeting management were addressed. The benefits of time management and daily time management tips are mentioned. The stages of time management were discussed and the time management skills were tried to be provided to the participants in terms of planning, prioritizing, goal setting, decision making, focusing, self-awareness, self-motivation, delegation of authority, coping with stress, and organizational awareness.