Frequently Asked Questions: About Registrations…


  1. Will Registration Renewal be Required Every Semester?

The week before each semester begins is designated as web registration week, during which students will proceed to register by selecting their courses (up to a weekly course load of 30 hours) via the website, after fulfilling any tuition obligations. Students subject to preparatory education should renew their registration via the Foreign Languages School website until the completion of their preparatory education, after clearing any tuition obligations.


  1. I’ve Fallen Below a 1.80 Cumulative GPA, Which Courses Should I Select?

Students who fall below a 1.80 cumulative GPA cannot enroll in courses they have not taken before. Instead, they can retake previously failed courses and enroll in courses they wish to improve their grades in.


  1. How Can I Register for Courses with Full Quotas During Registration Renewal?

Registration for courses with full quotas is not possible. However, the quotas for quota-restricted courses are actively monitored by the department, and if necessary, department heads may increase quotas.


  1. My Courses Are Overlapping, How Can I Register?

Course schedules are prepared according to regular students by department heads, which may sometimes result in clashes between compulsory or elective courses. In case of course conflicts, students should try to register for the same course in another group if available. If there are no other groups available, they should consider taking alternative courses to complete their registration.


  1. How Can I Contact the Faculty Student Affairs Office?

During the web registration process, our students can initially contact the student affairs office staff via email if they need assistance. Email addresses can be found at the link provided below. General information can be provided to students contacting by phone, but for detailed information, they must send an email. The email should include the student’s name, surname, department, and student ID number.


  1. What Are the Conditions for Taking Courses from Higher Years?

Students who have successfully completed all courses from the second year onwards or from the third semester onwards, with a minimum general GPA of 2.5 out of 4, may take one course from the next higher year or semester. Students with a general GPA of at least 3 out of 4 may take two courses from the next higher year or semester and may graduate in a shorter period than the normal duration of study. Students who wish to take courses from higher years must submit a petition stating the course(s) they wish to take during the first week of classes after completing their web registrations.


  1. The Web Registration Screen Page Is Not Opening, What Can I Do?

As registration renewal processes for all units affiliated with our university are carried out approximately at the same time, delays and interruptions in opening the page may occur depending on your internet speed. If you frequently refresh the registration screen, the issue will be resolved automatically.


  1. The Web Registration Screen Shows “Your Registration is Blocked,” What Can I Do?

The screen displaying the warning contains information about why the registration was blocked, and once the issue is resolved, students can inform the student affairs office, after which the registration block will be removed.


  1. The Courses I Need to Take Are Not Showing Up on the Registration Screen, What Can I Do?

Sending an email to the student affairs office regarding the issue will allow for a prompt evaluation and resolution of the problem.


  1. The Courses Already Selected on the Web Registration Screen Are Overlapping, What Can I Do?

Sending an email to the student affairs office regarding the issue will allow for a prompt evaluation and resolution of the problem.


  1. I Couldn’t Register Between the Web Registration Dates, What Can I Do to Complete My Registration?

Students who couldn’t register during the web registration dates can apply with a petition during the first week of classes explaining why they couldn’t register. If approved by the Faculty Board of Directors, their registration can be reopened.