DEU Informs – 10

DEU Informs – 10 – Online Conference Series (06.05.2020 Wednesday)

15:30–16:10: Prof. Dr. Aylin Alın – Exponential Increase, COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Abstract: In this talk, we explain what exponential growth is and how it is related with COVID-19 pandemic. We study the number of total cases in Turkey from the first day that the first case occurred to the 5th of May, and explain the importance of growth factor in exponential growth. We illustrate the daily growth factor of the cases in Turkey, and define the reproduction number (R0) and its effect on exponential growth as well as controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. Importance of social distancing on controlling the COVID-19 pandemic has been studied by simulation study for different values of R0 Video: