*The Date and Number sections of the Student Internship Application and Acceptance Form will be filled out by the Faculty Secretary. The Student’s Identity Information and Company/Institution Information for the Internship must be entered completely. If you will receive payment for your internship, the Company/Institution IBAN Number section must be filled out; otherwise, it should be left blank. The Student’s Name Surname must be written, and a wet signature must be provided with a blue ballpoint pen.


**While your internship is ongoing, fill out the “Activities Performed” section of the Internship Diary as a summary of your daily activities. It is mandatory for the passport-sized photograph, signature, and stamps to be complete.


***For the internship report format, please visit address.


Students who take courses in the summer school cannot do an internship along with the summer school.

Attendance to the internship is mandatory. The number of days absent due to justified/unjustified absence is added to the internship period. In this case, upon the student’s request, additional insurance procedures are carried out for the missing days, and the insurance cost is covered by the student.

Students who wish to cancel their internship before the start of the internship must fill out Annex 2 Internship Termination Form and submit it to the Department Secretary.

For students who do not continue their internship after the start date, their internship is terminated by filling out Annex 3 Departure Form. The form is signed by the “Institution / Organization Internship Authority” and must be submitted to the Accounting Unit by the student on the same day, and the Department secretary must be informed.

The start dates of the internship must be the first working day of the week (Monday).


Start and End Dates of Internships for the Summer Term of the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year:


Internship Start Date: 01.07.2024

Internship End Date: 14.09.2024


Start and End Dates for Submission of Internship Documents to the Faculty for the Summer Term of the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year:


Start Date for Internship Procedures: 18.03.2024

End Date for Internship Procedures: 13.06.2024


NOTE: The process will be conducted through Sakai for now. Please contact your Department Applied Education Commission. Follow this page for updates.