Prospective Student-Chemistry



The Chemistry department was established in 1998 and commenced its educational activities in the 2003-2004 academic year. As of 2024, it conducts its educational activities with 24 Faculty Members, 2 Lecturers (in the applied unit), and 3 Research Assistants.


Our department consists of five main branches: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry. Research activities are focused on topics such as bioanalytical, colloid, electroanalytical, spectroscopic, and chromatographic analyses, development of microextraction techniques, pharmaceutical chemistry, nanoparticle chemistry, natural product chemistry, organic chemistry, and polymer chemistry.


Throughout their education, our students benefit from the research infrastructure and gain the necessary professional experience before graduation. They become integrated with the world through international exchange programs.




Our mission is to educate individuals who can adapt to the competitive order of the modern world, possess strong entrepreneurial skills, are aware of the problems humanity faces, can conduct research on these issues, transform the results into technology, and contribute to the development of the country.




Our vision is to be a central department in education and science, producing effective solutions with the knowledge and technology it produces as a result of research on current problems of the modern world, achieving international standards in education and training, and being preferred.




To educate individuals in the field of chemistry who have advanced professional knowledge, experience, and research and development qualifications, who are self-confident, creative, entrepreneurial, cooperative, have high problem-solving skills, open to development, and to contribute to the solution of problems humanity faces, raising the quality of life, and protecting nature by developing interdisciplinary projects with high added value in line with the goals of our country. The educational purpose is consistent with the mission/vision. The educational objective is consistent with the educational plan.




To train individuals in the field of chemistry who have advanced professional knowledge, experience, and research and development qualifications, who have high problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, can transfer their knowledge to the field of application, can use methods, techniques, and devices related to their profession, can set up laboratory setups, can plan, conduct and analyze the results of an experimental process, can work as researchers and managers in operating, production, research and development laboratories of various industries related to chemistry, health, biotechnology, environment, agriculture, and food, can follow developments in chemistry and industry, develop high added value products, participate in interdisciplinary projects, contribute to the solution of problems humanity faces, raise the quality of life, have knowledge of occupational health and safety in chemistry, be aware of professional and ethical responsibilities, be sensitive to the environment and society, apply what they have learned at the national and international levels, have communication and foreign language competencies required for this, have knowledge of information technologies and basic computer programs at the required level in chemistry, have a lifelong learning consciousness, and continuously renew their knowledge.