Frequently Asked Questions: About the Faculty



  1. Is There a State Dormitory or Private Dormitory Around the Tinaztepe Campus of the Faculty of Science?

Applications for state dormitories should be made to the Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK). In Buca, there are state dormitories available for both male and female students as well as mixed-gender dormitories. The dormitories are close to the campus. Detailed information about state dormitories can be obtained from the KYK website. Additionally, there are numerous private dormitories around the campus.


  1. How is Transportation Provided to the Campus?

In the mornings, ESHOT buses from Bornova, Karşıyaka, Balçova, and Üçyol serve the campus. Throughout the day, ESHOT bus number 878, departing from Şirinyer transfer point, continuously enters the campus, and there are also ESHOT and Dokuz Eylül University shuttle services available at the campus entrance.


  1. What is the Duration and Location of Preparatory Education?

There is no preparatory class for the Biology Department of our faculty. Our Computer Sciences Department offers optional preparatory education. In our other departments, preparatory education is mandatory, and after the registration procedures are completed at the Faculty in the first year, automatic registration for preparatory education is also completed. Preparatory education lasts for a maximum of 2 years, and tuition fees are applicable from the 2nd year onwards. If unsuccessful after 2 years, the registration of the students is canceled. Additionally, regardless of whether they register every semester or not, the registration of students who are unsuccessful at the end of the maximum period (excluding the preparatory period of 7 years) is canceled.


  1. How is the Communication between Faculty Members and Students?

Our students can communicate directly with the faculty members or convey their problems and suggestions in meetings with the relevant coordinators. At the beginning of each academic year, students are assigned academic advisors. The academic advisor guides the students in a way that contributes to their academic success, personal, and social development.


  1. When are Exemption Exams Held?

Exemption exams, which will determine whether compulsory preparatory education will be taken or not, are determined no later than the beginning of September and published on the Foreign Languages School’s website.


  1. What Needs to be Done and When for Registration Procedures?

Students placed in our faculty by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) must first learn their student numbers, which will be published on our university’s website. After completing the pre-registration procedures via the university’s website under the “First Registration Procedures” tab (username: Student Number; password: **/**/**** Birth Date), they can complete their registrations in the Faculty Student Affairs Office within the specified date range with the documents required for registration. Those who prefer to register via e-Government can submit the required documents to the Faculty Student Affairs Office during the first week of education after the education has started.


  1. Where Can Detailed Information on the Grading System and Other Regulations be Found?

You can find the necessary information at the following link:


  1. What Scholarships Does the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution Provide?

Scholarship (grant scholarship) – Education Loan (mutual scholarship) – Contribution Loan (mutual scholarship)

  1. A) Who does the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution provide scholarships to? Scholarships, Education, and Contribution Loans are provided to Turkish citizens studying higher education domestically and to Turkish citizens studying higher education abroad.
  2. B) Where can information about the scholarship provided by the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution be obtained? You can access the necessary information at the following link:

You can access the list of student dormitories operating under the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution in our province from the following link:


  1. Where Can I Get Information About Exchange Programs Abroad?

Our university participates in the European Union Lifelong Learning Program (ERASMUS). This program contributes significantly to student and academic staff in terms of intercultural interaction. The Erasmus Coordination Office established within our university provides all kinds of support for the application, selection, evaluation, and preparation of the applicant for those who will be sent abroad within the program. Farabi/Mevlana Exchange Programs Farabi Exchange Program is an exchange program for students and academic staff among higher education institutions in Turkey. You can contact the International Office unit from our university’s website and get information.


  1. How is the Cumulative Grade Point Average Calculated?

Grade Letter Coefficients


AA          BA          BB           CB          CC          DC          DD          FD           FF

4             3.5          3              2.5          2             1.5          1             0.5          0

Example: For a student who receives an AA grade for the course FSH 0001 Communication Skills (D: 2, U: 0, L: 0, ECTS: 2)

Credit Achievement Grade


 = Grade Letter Coefficient * Credit is calculated as 4 * 2 = 8. The cumulative grade point average is calculated by dividing the total credit achievement grades calculated for each course by the total credits taken up to that point.


  1. How Can I Obtain a Student Certificate and Transcript?

Our students who complete their initial registration/web registration can apply for document requests via e-Government and the DEBIS tab ( on our university’s website. The next day after the student’s request for documents via DEBIS, which is submitted through DEBIS (, they can receive electronically signed documents from the “Uploaded Documents” tab.


  1. How Can Course Exemption Applications be Made?

Our students who are registered with our faculty and have previously studied in a Higher Education program must apply to our Faculty Registration Office with a petition stating which courses they are seeking exemption from, along with an approved curriculum, course contents, and transcript (Transcript) from the Faculty/School where they received education. Applications must be made within the first week of the academic year when education and training begin. Applications must be made in person or by official representatives. Applications made after the application period will not be accepted.


  1. How Can Permission for Temporary Withdrawal from Education (Freezing Registration) be Obtained?

Our students who are registered with our faculty and wish to request permission for temporary withdrawal from education must apply to our Faculty Registration Office with a document containing the reason for the temporary withdrawal within the first month of each semester. (health report, military procedures, document of financial impossibility from the muhtarlık or district governorship) Applications must be made in person or by official representatives. Applications made after the application period will not be accepted.


  1. How is Attendance – Absence Calculation Done?

A student who fails to attend more than 30% of theoretical courses or more than 20% of applied courses, regardless of whether they have an excuse or not, is considered to have failed the course. Example: A course with 4+0 credits, which equals 4*14=56 hours, then 4*14*0.30=16.8 hours. A student who is absent for 17 hours from a course with 4+0 credits is considered absent from that course, and the grade “FF” is recorded on the transcript.


  1. Where Can Information About Double Major and Minor Programs be Obtained?

Our faculty has Double Major and Minor programs among all Departments. You can get detailed information from the Double Major and Minor coordinators.


  1. How Can I Apply for Make-Up Exams?

If a student has a valid excuse (health report and other excuses approved by the board of directors) in the midterms, they have the right to take a make-up exam if they submit their petition along with the document stating their excuse to the registration office within five working days from the end of the excuse period. Health reports, etc., are not valid for attendance/absence.


  1. How Can I Apply for a Review of Exam Results?

Students can appeal the exam only for material errors (calculation errors) within five working days after the exam is announced. Student affairs officials check for material errors, and the grades of students found to have material errors are corrected by the decision of the Faculty Board of Directors.


  1. What are the Conditions for Taking Courses in the Summer Term?

In the summer term, a student can take a maximum of 3 (three) courses. Students who wish to take courses in the summer term from other universities or other faculties of our university must obtain approval from the faculty member who teaches the course by the start date of the summer school at our faculty, along with the course content and credits. Courses that do not match the course content and credits cannot be taken in the summer term. You can access the regulations regarding the summer school from the following link:


  1. What are the Conditions for Receiving an Associate Degree?

Students of our faculty who complete all the courses of the first four semesters of the department curriculum and wish to delete their registration are given an associate degree upon their request.


  1. What are the Graduation Requirements?

In order for our students to graduate from our faculty, it is mandatory to have a cumulative average of 2 and to successfully complete all the courses in the department curriculum. Students who meet these requirements can obtain their Temporary Graduation Certificates within 2 days after making their application with the attached separation document available on the Faculty’s website (


  1. Where Can Necessary Information About Internships be Obtained?

Internship is compulsory in our Computer Sciences Department, Statistics Department, and Chemistry Department, while it is not compulsory in our Biology Department, Physics Department, and Mathematics Department. Our students can find detailed information about internships at the following link:



  1. Where Can I Get Information About Horizontal Transfers/Additional Article 1 – Central Score Horizontal Transfers?

Announcements about the application dates for horizontal transfers and the required documents are made on our Faculty’s website until June every year, and you can access the principles regarding horizontal transfers from the following link: