Strategic Goals and Objectives


OBJECTIVE A1. Enhancing scientific and innovative research capacity


OBJECTIVE A2. Improving the quality of education and teaching


OBJECTIVE A3. Strengthening institutional capacity, enhancing interaction with stakeholders, and improving the quality of social services




GOAL A1.1 Enhancing the academic skills, qualified, and effective research capacity of human resources


GOAL A1.2 Developing physical and operational infrastructure related to research and innovation


GOAL A1.3 Increasing the value-added scientific and innovative outputs


GOAL A1.4 Developing infrastructure to support entrepreneurship


GOAL A1.5 Improving the quality and quantity of national and international scientific publications


GOAL A2.1 Enhancing internationalization in education and teaching


GOAL A2.2 Continuous improvement and development of education programs


GOAL A2.3 Supporting the professional development of faculty members in education and teaching


GOAL A2.4 Developing the infrastructure for education and teaching


GOAL A2.5 Enhancing students’ learning motivation


GOAL A3.1 Enhancing the reputation of Dokuz Eylül University


GOAL A3.2 Developing stakeholders’ sense of belonging


GOAL A3.3 Improving the effectiveness of social sustainability activities and community-centered services


GOAL A3.4 Developing the quality assurance system in all processes of the institution


GOAL A3.5 Strengthening human, technological, and physical infrastructure to improve service quality