Faculty Seminars – 2

Faculty Seminars – 2 (27.06.2019 Thursday)

09:30–10:30: Prof. Dr. Halil Oruç – Fibonacci Numbers


Abstract: This general talk aims to overview celebrated Fibonacci numbers. After giving its historical background, we give fascinating examples in nature. We drive the generating function for the Fibonacci numbers. Following the diagonalization of the Fibonacci matrix, we obtain many identities involving the Fibonacci numbers. Finally, Zeckhendorf’s Theorem and its applications are investigated.


10:45–11:45: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kerem Canlı – Healthy Eating in the 21th Century


Abstract: Healty eating is one of the main problem of the 21th century. The population of 8 billion people makes it difficult to reach healthy food. Not only at the point of food safety, but also adequate and balanced nutrition is the challenge of today. Since we do not have the resources to feed 8 billion people in a balanced way, it is possible to reach the energy that can provide adequate nutrition for people with industrialized agriculture, but the nutrition of a large part of the population is not balanced. Although it is not possible for us to eat completely healthy as a person living in the 21st century, this seminar will focus on the symptoms of deficiency, with which foods these deficiencies can be alleviated and the individual methods we can take about food safety.