Recent Scientific Articles

Recent scientific articles of our faculty are listed as follows.

  • Alin, A.(2021). Glm based auto-regressive process to model covid-19 pandemic in turkey. Statistical Communications in Infectious Diseases, 13.
  • Alaca, O. F., Tezel, B. T., Challenger, M., Goulão, M., Amaral, V., Kardas, G. (2021).
    AgentDSM-Eval: A framework for the evaluation of domain-specific modeling languages for multi-agent systems. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 76, 103513.
  • Tezel, B. T., Mert, A. (2021).
    A cooperative system for metaheuristic algorithms. Expert Systems with Applications, 165, 113976.
  • Asici, T. Z., Tezel, B. T., Kardas, G. (2021).
    On the use of the analytic hierarchy process in the evaluation of domain-specific modeling languages for multi-agent systems. Journal of Computer Languages, 62, 101020.

  • Aytaç, Aysun A., B.Z.N., (2020).
    Efficient identification of node importance based on agglomeration in cycle-related networks. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 31, 969-978.
  • Kunt, Vecdi., B.Z.N., (2020).
    Average independent domination in complementary prisms. BULLETIN OF THE INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICAL VIRTUAL INSTITUTE 10,157-164.
  • Danisman, O., & Kocer, U. U. (2020).
    Hidden Markov models with binary dependence. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 125668.
  • P. Tashakkori, A. A. Tağaç, M. Merdivan,
    Fabrication of montmorillonite/ionic liquid composite coated solid-phase microextraction fibers for determination of phenolic compounds in fruit juices by gas chromatography and liquid chromatography,
    Journal of Chromatography A, 461741, (2020).
  • R. Fiskin, E. Nasiboglu, M.O. Yardimci,
    A knowledge-based framework for two-dimensional (2D) asymmetrical polygonal ship domain,
    Ocean Engineering 202, 107187, (2020).
  • S. Peker, R. Shikhlinskaya, E. Nasiboglu,
    Comparison of fuzzy numbers using left/right sides of level sets,
    Appl. Comput. Math., 19 (1), 34-46, (2020).
  • G. Peynirci, M. Eminağaoğlu,
    Android platformunda kötücül yazılım tespiti: Literatür incelemesi,
    Bilişim Teknolojileri Dergisi, 13 (1), 65–76, (2020).
  • G. Peynirci, M. Eminağaoğlu, K. Karabulut,
    Feature selection for malware detection on the Android platform based on differences of IDF values,
    Journal of Computer Science and Technology, (2020).
  • S. Karakılıç, S. Akduman, D. Coşkan,
    Asymptotic behaviour of resonance eigenvalues of the Schrodinger operator with a matrix potential,
    Communications Series A1: Math. and Statistics, 69 (1), 486–510, (2020).
  • Z.N. Berberler, M.E. Berberler,
    Independent strong domination in complementary prisms,
    Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications, 8 (1), 1–8, (2020).
  • A. Kanlı, Z.N. Berberler,
    Differential in infrastructure networks,
    RAIRO-Operations Research, (2020).
  • M.E. Berberler, O. Uğurlu, Z.N. Berberler,
    Independent strong weak domination: A mathematical programming approach,
    Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, (2020).
  • M. Kuskucu, V. Akyıldız, Á. Kulmány, Y. Ergün, S. Zencir, I. Zupko, S. Durdagi, M. Zaka, K. Sahin, H. Orhan, Z. Topcu,
    Structural modification of ellipticine derivatives with alkyl groups of varying length is influential on their effects on human DNA topoisomerase II: a combined experimental and computational study,
    Medicinal Chemistry Research, 29, 189–198, (2020).
  • S. Zencir, M.-H. Hsieh, J.-S. Hsu, Y. Ergun, G.-L. Chou, T.-K. Li, S.-C. Teng, Z. Topcu,
    Selected ellipticine derivatives, known to target topoisomerase II, suppress the alternative lengthening of telomere (ALT) pathway in telomerase–negative cells,
    Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, (2020).
  • K. Çiçek, K. Candan, E. Yıldırım Caynak, Y. Kumlutaş, Ç. Ilgaz,
    Food composition of the Unisexual Lizard, Darevskia unisexualis (Darevsky, 1966) from Northeastern Anatolia, Turkey,
    Russian Journal of Herpetology, 27 (1), 59–62 (2020).
  • N. Beşer, Ç. Ilgaz, Y. Kumlutaş, K. Candan, Ö. Güçlü, N. Üzüm,
    Age and growth in two Danford’s Lizard, Anatololacerta danfordi (Günther, 1876), populations from the eastern Mediterranean,
    Turkish Journal of Zoology, 44, 173–180, (2020).
  • P. Kornilios, E. Thanou, P. Lymberakis, Ç. Ilgaz, Y. Kumlutaş, A. Leache,
    A phylogenomic resolution for the taxonomy of Aegean green lizards,
    Zoologica Scripta, 49 (1), 14–27, (2020).
  • S. Birlik, H.S. Yıldırımhan, C. Yılmaz, E. Yıldırım, K. Candan, Y. Kumlutaş, Ç. Ilgaz,
    Helminth parasites of the Mediterranean Chameleon, Chamaeleo chamaeleon (Linnaeus, 1758) (Reptilia: Chamaeleonidae) from Turkey,
    Acta Zoologica Bulgarica, 1–6, (2020).
  • K. Candan, E. Yıldırım Caynak, Y. Kumlutaş, Ö. Özender, Ç. Ilgaz,
    Meke Maarı (Konya) civarının herpetofaunası [Herpetofauna of the vicinity of Meke Maar (Konya)],
    Balıkesir Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi, 22 (2), 448–459, (2020).
  • N. Argac, M.P. Eroğlu, T.-K. Lee, J.-H. Lin,
    Identities with inverses on matrix rings,
    Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 68 (3), 635–651, (2020).
  • M.P. Eroğlu, N. Argac,
    Power values of generalized skew derivations with annihilator conditions on Lie ideals,
    Bull. Iran. Math. Soc., (2020).
  • A.S. Shatla, A.A. Abd-El-Latif, S. Ayata, D. Demir, H. Baltruschat,
    Iodide adsorption at Au(111) electrode in non-aqueous electrolyte: AC-voltammetry and EIS studies,
    Electrochimica Acta (334), 135556, (2020).
  • Y. Seki, , A. Altinisik Tagac,
    Surface resistivity, surface wettability and thermal stability of the 1-ethyl-2, 3-dimethylimidazolium ethyl sulfate and methyl-tri-n-butylammonium methyl sulfate modified polyethylene,
    Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials, 59 (7), 722–732, (2020).
  • Y. Seki, , A. Altinisik Tagac,
    Implementation of imidazolium and ammonium based ionic liquids and the effect on electrical conductivity of polypropylene fabrics,
    Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials, 59 (2), 130–140, (2020).
  • P. Tashakkori, A. Altinisik Tagac, M. Merdivan,
    Graphene oxide-ionic liquid used as solid-phase microextraction coating for polyphenolic compounds’ extraction and determination with GC-MS after on-fiber derivatization in wine,
    Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry, 7 (2), 411–426, (2020).
  • C. Turkmen, L. Cavas,
    Identification of Kiwellin-like proteins in Fruits by using in silico tools,
    Acta Chimica Slovenica, (2020).
  • K. Sen, E. Erdogan, L. Cavas,
    Prevention of biofouling on aquaculture nets with eco-friendly antifouling paint formulation,
    Coloration Technology, (2020).