Recent Scientific Articles

Recent scientific articles of our faculty are listed as follows.

  • A. Alin, U. Beyaztaş, M.A. Martin,
    Robust change point detection for linear regression models,
    Statistics and Its Interface, 12 (2), 203–213, (2019).
  • P. Tashakkori, P. Erdem, M. Merdivan, S. Seyhan-Bozkurt,
    Determination of phthalate esters in water and coffee by solid-phase microextraction using vinyl terminated imidazolium based ionic liquid grafted on graphene oxide coatings,
    Chemistry Select, 4 (8), 2307–2313, (2019).
  • S. Beken, M. Eminağaoğlu,
    Information security risk assessment using Bayesian network and fuzzy inference system,
    Ege Strategic Research Journal, 10 (1), 13–33, (2019).
  • L. Çavaş, G. Topcam, C. Gündoğdu-Hızlıateş, Y. Ergün,
    Neural network modeling of AChE inhibition by new Carbazole-Bearing oxazolones,
    Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci, 11 (1), 95–107, (2019)
  • B. Şen, A. Aygün, A. Şavk, M. H. Çalımlı, S. Karahan-Gülbay, F. Şen
    Bimetallic palladium-cobalt nanomaterials as highly efficient catalysts for dehydrocoupling of dimethylamine borane
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, In Press.
  • K. Polat, M. Yurdakoç,
    Solar decolorization of methylene blue by magnetic MgFe2O4-MWCNT/Ag3VO4 visible active photocatalyst
    Water Air Soil Pollut 229 (331), 10 p., (2018)