Faculty Seminars – 3

Faculty Seminars – 3 (04.10.2019 Friday)

15:00–17:30: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neslihan Günüşen – Stress Management


Absract: Stress; it is defined as an unpleasant situation that occurs when an individual perceives environmental stimuli as a threat and encounters expectations over his / her characteristics in a process in which the individual and the environment mutually affect each other. Stress can disrupt a person’s harmony. Stress can disrupt a person’s harmony. The potential of events and situations varies from person to person. The condition of the organism, the person’s previous experiences, the way the environment accepts the source of stress, the ways of coping determine the person’s reaction. Coping describes an important phenomenon that states that the individual should resist the stressful event for himself and is placed in the stress process. Coping is an effort to reduce, tolerate or minimize the emotional tension aroused by internal and external sources of stress that transcend and deplete one’s resources. Coping resources; the individual’s problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, positive self-concept and social support. Coping styles include coping methods that an individual usually uses in certain situations or repeated over time in similar situations. They are also reflections of one’s choices, and indirectly their beliefs and values. Coping with stress in life is a learned behavior and varies according to the individual or situation. Individuals who use effective coping style; does not avoid avoidant behavior, confronts the facts, redefines the problems in a solutionable manner, thinks of alternatives, maintains open and mutual communication, gets help when offered, shows characteristics of assertive behavior, uses available resources.