Faculty Seminars -27- Yoga for health

Semra Demirel Uçar    (17.06.2021 Perşembe)

Yoga for health

Summary: Yoga is a science of consciousness. Its main purpose is to reveal one’s true potential with awareness. This system has a history of 5,000 years; It increases physical and mental efficiency and makes the person feel physically and spiritually comfortable. Nowadays, working conditions force us to sit constantly or stand for long hours. This situation brings with it a chain of discomfort that starts with spinal problems. An unhealthy spine causes waist, back-neck pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and sacrum pain, and the dynamics within the body shell of the person also changes, the consequences of which appear over time. Posture becomes unhealthy; While it causes consequences such as deterioration of internal organ systems and limitation of breathing; It leads the person to physical and mental discomfort in his life. We can easily move our body, which is not programmed to be inactive for a long time, effectively and maintain health or support recovery.

In the Yoga for Health program; I have prepared an applied program that contains easily applicable, simple and clear information about how to relax the spine, what movements should we use to relieve neck pain, and the place and importance of pelvic floor mobility in our health. 😊

I invite each of you to this area and I am waiting.