Faculty Seminars – 15 (Online)

Faculty Seminars – 15 (22.10.2020 Thursday)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ümit Akıncı – Quantum Information Theory: From Abacus to Quantum Computers…

Abstract: Quantum computers are one of the interesting topics in terms of both theory and technological application. These computers are based on the quantum information theory, which was formed by the adaptation of the classical information theory, founded by Claude Shannon, to the quantum world. The search for a quantum version of the Turing machine in the 1980s and Richard Feynman asked in his “Simulating Physics with Computers” speech, “Can quantum systems be simulated with classical computers?” The adventure that starts with the question continues. The point we have reached today is the developed quantum algorithms and realized quantum computers. So what distinguishes the quantum computer from the classical computer? What do quantum computers promise us? Where are we in order to use quantum computers in daily life? Answers to these questions will be sought in this short presentation.