Faculty Seminars – 10 (Online)

Faculty Seminars – 10 (10.09.2020 Thursday)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Elif Yıldırım Caynak – Amphibians in Turkey and Their Protection Status

Abstract: Amphibians are a group of vertebrates that characterized by living in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. The transformation from aquatic larval stages to terrestrial adult stages by undergoing metamorphosis caused them to be called amphibians. Considering the anatomical features of living amphibians; it is represented by three different orders: Apoda (legless frogs), Anura (tailless frogs) and Caudata (tailed frogs). In our country, there are a total of 34 species, including Anura and Caudata. These species have been protected by many international organizations such as IUCN, Bern, CITES and MAK in the world and in our country.